Department of Periodontology & Oral Pathology

The department is consists of Oral Pathology, Periodontology and Oral Medicine which is concern for academic activities with the clinical training for the 3rd year BDS students, Clinical training for internee and providing treatment in Out Patient Department (OPD) under the guidance of a faculty member.

Teachers of Periodontology & Oral Pathology Department

Associate Professor

Dr. Md. Monirul Alam, BDS (DU), M.Phil (RU)


Dr. Jobayr Rashid Chowdhury, BDS


Dr. Aklima Sharmin, BDS


Dr. Shishir Kanti Roy, BDS


Oral Pathology Department is situated in the 2nd floor of the main hospital building of Rangpur Dental College Hospital with well established sophisticated equipment’s using latest technology, maintained with international standard for contacting the requirements of the undergraduate students. The department is a modern, friendly, dynamic and a center of excellence for dental education of Rangpur Dental College in Bangladesh.

Academic Activities

Teaching is done by conducting lectures (large group teaching), tutorial (small group teaching), histopathology practical classes, clinical classes, periodontology ward, Items, card finals, ward finals and assessment exams, term final examination followed by 3rd Professional BDS Examination. Under the most trustworthy leadership of Head of the Department Assistant Prof. Dr. Md. Monirul Alam (Limon) & a team of excellent, energetic, enthusiastic ability and devoted teachers like Dr. Tanin, Dr. Jemy, Dr. Shishir are teaching the students very cordially. The maintain a good relationship with the students & guardian also. They take special care during clinical training. The students can share their any problems with the teacher to take in treating patients with complex medical conditions.

Periodontology Ward

In the periodontology Ward the undergraduated students have demonstrated

  • The skill & knowledge investigation, diagnosis, prevention and management of periodontal or oral diseases.
  • Perform Scaling & root planning with full aseptic precautions, gingival curettage, gingivectomy.
  • Provide written histopathology requisition form.
  • Preservation & fixation of surgical specimen.
  • Handling & maintenance of microscope.
  • Interpretation of pathological reports and data.
  • Advice for pathological investigation.
  • Diagnose & manage medical emergencies which may arise in daily dental practice.
  • The awareness of the need to keep abreast to new knowledge and technique in oral pathology and oral medicine.
  • To explain basic mechanism of different types of oral cavity diseases.
  • Take a history from the patient in the specific manner and carry out systemic examination.
  • Describe & select appropriate methods of sterilization in clinical practice.
  • Develop attitude for further learning of the subjects.


Our aim is to integrate education and patient oriented clinical knowledge so that each of our students enriches with adequate learning which will promote academic excellence, innovation and quality development.

The most important purposes of oral pathology is to give the students the ability to correctly diagnose the oral lesions. There are more than 200 different types of oral cavity diseases and many of these may only be diagnosed through microscopic examination.

The clinical appearance and history of oral lesions may often give a reliable provisional diagnosis on which to plan further management of the patient. It is essential for good clinical practice.