About RDC


Rangpur Dental College is the First private Dental College offering quality and affordable Dental care in North Bengal, Bangladesh. The 8 (eight) storied Dental College has excellent infrastructure with total space capacity of 45,936 SFT and is the largest of its kind, in Bangladesh. It has well equipped of Dental chairs & modern library, excellent internet facilities, modern clinical departments and pre-clinical laboratories. Rooms for the Heads of all the 15 (fifteen) departments with requisite facilities are present.

The College offers Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) degree & Course of 4(four) years duration followed by one year compulsory Internship Programme.

Rangpur Dental College has a blend of experienced, knowledgeable, young and dedicated team of professionals who are very competent and well qualified. The curriculum is designed to guide the students towards acquiring expertise in both theory & clinical aspects of Dental and basic medical sciences. Quality education is imparted with the latest technical know-how & modern teaching aids like Multimedia Projectors, Over head projectors, Slide projectors, Sound system, White marker board, Lecture Dias etc to the students of Rangpur Dental College. The students are groomed by the faculty to be adapted in knowledge and practical skills and also to develop the basic virtues of discipline and service. The young minds are encouraged to be deliberate and be inquisitive.

Rangpur Dental College conducts frequent dental health outdoor camps for educating, motivating and treating the general public, especially the rural population so as to improve their oral hygiene and health status. Rangpur Dental College is committed to the service of one and all to achieve the best oral health care possible. The college is in constant pursuit of dental health care for the public following the highest ethical standards.


These colleges and hospital have been designed to provide broad based education and professional development for the medical and dental students. The academic faculty has very highly qualified teachers and the attached hospital is a most modern and standard one, well equipped with all the updated facilities. All these will help the students to gain knowledge, skill and attitude to deal with the health problems of the community and make their basic a very sound for future training and higher studies.