Department of Orthodontics

The Rangpur Dental College, Department of Orthodontics was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering undergraduate study in orthodontics. Since its inception it has been engaged in research, teaching and patient care. The undergraduates have contributed greatly to the development of dentistry’s oldest speciality. The department occupies a square foot loccation on the second floor of the college of Dentistry building at the Rangpur Dental College, Rangpur. Facilities include a modern orthodontic clinic and clinical laboratory; reception and waiting area; computer, data processing and microscopy laboratory; orthodontic technique laboratory for photography, appliance construction and plaster work; seminar room; faculty offices and conference facility.

Teachers of Orthodontics Department

Head of the Department

Dr. Marina Akhtar, BDS, FCPS

Assistant Professor

Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib, BDS, FCPS


Dr. Antora Nath, BDS


Dr. Md. Tosaddaque Hossain, BDS


Clinical Demonstration