Department of Dental Anatomy

The missions of Dental Anatomy are educating individuals who are going to be dentists; creating systems for basic, clinical and research studies in the dental, medical care and life sciences fields; fostering the development of sophisticated experts in dental research fields; and providing dental knowledge of the teeth, the jaw and the mouth and making contributions towards society and humanity through these efforts. We execute practical course to make students understand ethics as dental students to be bright future dentist.

Teachers of Dental Anatomy Department

Head of the Department

Dr. Kamrun Nahar, BDS, Ph.D


Dr. Most. Najma Sultana, BDS


Dr. Razwana Binta Mizan, BDS


Dr. Sudipta Rani Dey, BDS

Teachers of Oral Anatomy Department


All in One Sample

Sample of Item Card

Base of the Skull

Jaw’s Sample

Silicon Mould

Study Model